Cyclo-Cross Nationals 2013 at Belvaux (LUX)

Cyclo-Cross Nationals 2013 at Belvaux (LUX)

Logic result considering the start list


It's a pity that after the retire of Nathalie Lamborelle, we were only three on start for the title and at the end the logic was respected, I finished second 2’37’’ behind the old and new champion Christine Majerus (Sengers Ladies Team) and 3’ in front of young Edie Rees from Alzingen.


 The movie of the races  © by just4fun

 The frozen mud made the track quite difficult and I was a bit apprehensive, I didn’t want to crash. So I did not take enough risks to follow Christine after my bad start,  the cards were distributed after the first lap... 

 As my son told me, I had not enough aggressivity (I never really had enough of it in me, I can't push adversaries out of the way) to go for first place. 

 I assured my second place easily. If someone told me 9 years ago, when I won the champion-title at the same place, that I would be on podium again in 2013, I would have laughed at him and called him an idiot! This second place behind Christine, who made top 15 at the worlds in Koksijde last year, was quite honorable, but a little less gap would have made it sound better!


 My greatest wish (and hers too) to be on a cyclocross podium together with my daughter Trixy will probably never come true, she still has time to improve, but the same time is working against me. I still want to thank her for the genious powerpoint-show that she made and send me the morning of the race. She was nervous for me and to encourage me from her home in France, she had put it together to tell me to enjoy myself and that she was proud of me regardless of what I did.


 I hope she will go on to have fun in cycling, even if it is hard sometimes. «The reason many people give up is because they look ahead and see how far they still have to go, instead of looking behind and see how far they’ve already come», I think it is true for any of us really.

 At the end I want to congratulate our friend Julian Alaphilippe, who struggled through the mud in Nommay and defended his national jersey in the U23 race in France. We’ll be happy to see him in his «bleu blanc rouge» jersey in Hoogerheide! "Bravo Julien, on est de plein coeur avec toi!"

 I will enjoy the last races up to end of february and hope to collect some more UCI-points to finish at a good ranking. Next race will be the worldcup in Hoogerheide next weekend.


The sand at the trainingession on Saturday (left) and on the race on Sunday (right)