Cyclo-Cross Weltcup Final race in Hoogerheide (NED) January 20th 2013

Cyclo-Cross Weltcup Final race in Hoogerheide (NED) January 20th 2013

A crash puts an end to all hopes for a good ranking at the beginning of the race, but Suzie did a very courageous race and finished 29th in the race and 55th on the final Worldcup classification, and this with only two races (Roma and Hoogerheide).

s. Marc


 Look at the video (© Sporza) of the race and some pictures by © Anton Vos and © Dan Seaton

Here Suzie's race-report


Nice snowy track, a bit tricky at places because of the ice beneath the snow. I didn't even have the time to think about frozen hands and feet (what I usually do), I just enjoyed racing under such difficult conditions.
My start was quite good this time, even if I stood in the very last line, but then I crashed on the ice just entering the circuit. Which basically crushed my hopes for a really good result. 


I was the last one to pass the pits in the first lap. I did see my husbands face getting dark... 


 So I kicked my ass and struggled, but during the first half of the lap, I was blocked behind some riders that didn't cope well with the frozen ground and made me lose precious time. But as soon as I had passed some of them, I caught back more and more time. After a first passage on the line in 34th position, I was 32th one lap later and in the third lap, I caught up to the group in front of me and passed all those girls, passing the line in 28th position in sight of the next small group. Unfortunately, in the second last lap, I made two stupid mistakes and crashed twice on places there was no reason to (I managed to pass the dangerous downhill, where some girls even slid down on their backsides, without no problems and then I go crash where I shouldn't...) and, again, lost two positions. However, I didn't give up fighting and caught back the japanese champion in the last technical part. 


© Anton Vos

I finished 29th 6 minutes down from winner Marianne Vos (congratulations Marianne!) and leaving behind me riders that I didn't beat for a long time.

© Anton Vos

I hope I'll continue that way during the next races and show people that you are only as old as you feel and even with 50 years you can stay competitive!

 Finally, I'll congratulate our friend Julian Alaphilippe (again!) for his great third place and wish him a rainbow jersey for next season: "Vas-y Julian, on y croit!"

 My next race will be the Gran Premio Mamma e Pappa Guerciotti on Sunday 27th in Milano.


P.S.: I’m joining Marc for this small word to the Vos family

Op dezeplaats will ik geweldige Dankzij drucken voor het hele gezin Vos: Marianne, wereld, olympisch en nationale kampioen, dat is altijd leuk en gezellig maar nie arrogant, Anton, die een goede vriend maar vooral een zeer goede sporten fotograaf is, vader Henk, die altijd een vriendelijk woord op zijn lippen heeft en ok de moeder die altijd en beetje an de zijlijn blijft.

 Marianne wij wensen u veel success in Louisville voor het kampioenschap.