Gran Premio Mama è Pappa Guerciotti at Milan (UCI cat2) January 27th 2013

Gran Premio Mama è Pappa Guerciotti at Milan (UCI cat2) January 27th 2013


Sorry for the late post of this report, but I was so disgusted by my bad performance that at first, I didn’t want to write anything at all.  The nasty Milan-weather (cold and foggy) made the course that I already don’t really like (countless bumps and two tricky passages I don’t really cope well with) even more slippery and tricky and my only thought was : « I’m glad when it’s over ! 


With such an attitude it’s impossible to do a good race...Add to that horribly bad start and a wrong choice of tubes ( I had opted for intermediate instead of real mud tubes, but the terrain had become much deeper as races passed), you get the point...



The whole race was just a desperate struggle to finish and I apologize especially to my husband who made the whole travel, prepared my bikes and, to top it all of, had to endure my bad humor !



Hopefully my next races will be better, I would like to finish my cross season on a positive note, not with the feeling of failure.






I would like to thank my italian friends for their support : Mille grazie a Carlo e tutto il suo team di Ciclismo in Rosa per la lora gentillezza e anche per le caramelle che mi serviranno al rifornimento delle gare su strada. Così avrò una pensiera per loro ad ogni gara ! Vorrei ancora auguriare tutto il meglio a Marina Romoli chi era presente a la gara, forza Marina, sei un esempio di corraggio per noi tutti ! Finalmente vorrei ringraziare anche la famiglia Guerciotii per il loro sopporto e spero fare ancora qualche belle resultati con le bici Guerciotti !



Marc with the wife of our Italian friend Carlo Ottolina (ciclismo in rosa)


 Hope to give you soon some good news from the next crosses in Belgium and in the Netherlands.