Gran Premio Guerciotti Milano (ITA) Saturday 18th January 2014 and cyclo-cross Leudelange (LUX) Sunday 19th January 2014

Gran Premio Guerciotti Milano (ITA) Saturday 18th January 2014 and cyclo-cross Leudelange (LUX) Sunday 19th January 2014

I had wished for sun and only got rain and some more mud…Luckily, my italian friends all got sun in their hearts and so I forgot that it wasn’t shining up in the sky. But although they were so sunny and I was glad to see them, the weather was still kind of awful. So yucky that I didn’t even take the bike out on Friday to ride on the lap, instead I stayed at the hotel and did some hometrainer. At least one person was happy about that: my husband, because it meant that he didn’t have to wash the bikes that day! 

On Saturday, I did one recognition lap, it was basically the same lap as the past years only muddy and drenched in water. Honestly, I’ve never seen that much water on a lap, especially on that one! It was almost like I needed to get my swimsuit and goggles out…

I had a good start for once, went into the field in sixth position but in that first lap I had trouble with my gears and fell back to the 14th place until I switched bikes. I managed to get back to the 12th position. Unfortunately, the juniors were in the same race, which resulted in the first girl riding over 50 minutes (which is technically forbidden) and all those arriving after 5th place had a lap less…

All things considered not a bad race, which also allowed me to get another point for the UCI classification. After the race, all I wanted to do was get out of the yucky, wet and muddy clothes and underneath a warm shower. I didn’t have the time to do some more hometrainer as we set off to Switzerland, where we stayed at a friends place (with washing machine!). On Sunday we left at 8.30 a.m and Marc jokingly said that we would arrive in time for the cyclo-cross in Leudelange.

I, of course, took that seriously and called Fränz to get him to fetch me a starting number! After all, it’s nicer to race for 30 minutes than to train for hours when the weather sucks.

Unfortunately, there weren’t many riders on the start and with Lucie Chainel (former french champion and 2014 vice-champion) lining up, I wasn’t going to stand a chance, especially after 4 hours of sitting in a car (not counting the race and the drive from Milano to Cham in Switzerland). But well, I saw it as a good training for the world-cup in Nommay. The lap wasn’t that bad except for one slippery turn, for once everything was ridable (I totally just made up that word) and after the second lap, the legs started to losen up just a bit. I finished and that was the end of a crazy weekend.

I’m looking forward to another month of cyclo-crossing! (We could totally do cyclo-cross all year round if you ask me!)