Race in Vrasene (BEL), July 19th and Bertrange (FRA), July 20th 2013

Race in Vrasene (BEL), July 19th and Bertrange (FRA), July 20th 2013





91 girls on start for quite fast race over 15 laps and 93km. The intermediate sprints were quite interesting with some primes of 50 €, so  no break was really successful. I tried my best to stay in first positions and followed some attempts, but it would be only attempts and we were gone for a massive sprint.



Entering the last 300m I was well placed in about 8th position, when a girl forced the passage on my left while the road was narrowing and I had to cut my move. Immediately I was relayed to about 20th position. Completely disgusted by the risks some riders take I just rolled over the line and was finally classified in 36th position. Good training, but not  a satisfying race seen the result !

 Here a nice picture from our friend Krist Vanmelle






After the race on Friday in Vrasene, I decided to do another one in France near the luxemburgish border together with my daughter and her boyfriend. Trixy had a terrible headache after a hard week of work (she is doing some holidayjob in a library in Luxemburg) so only Josselin and myself took the start  amongst 100 riders ( 3 ladies and the rest men and juniormen).


It was a nice lap of 15km with some slight uphills and I really felt at ease to follow the rhythm of the men. But amongst these men you have pass-cyclisme riders who are sometimes very dangerous in the bunch causing numerous crashes. At the end of lap 4 of 6, one of those riders braked horribly at the approach of a roundabout, the rider just behind him made a huge move to the left where I was moving to the front and took me to the ground. Fortunately my new bike has nearly no damage, but I’ve a bleeding ass and wounds all over my knees, elbows and legs. My helmet saved me from greater damage as my head bumped heavily on the ground. (Have seen my treating-doc yeasterday and beeing used to see me in parts after my numerous crashes during the years, I was not astonished when I saw a huge grin on his face when he saw my pavian-like ass)


While myself and some other rider from a former crash were treated in the ambulance, the leading group of the men passed watching a little bit too closely and three of them made a touchdown just in front of the ambulance. Unfortunately one of these three was Trixys boyfriend Josselin, so none of us saw the arrival. He was a bit luckier than myself and has just some abrasions on his leg, but as for myself his pants didn’t survive. Both we now got holy pants !


The worst for me are not the wounds, but I was gone for an easy win in the ladies classification and a good place overall, finally I’m happy that I can sit on my bike without bigger problems ( sitting on the sofa harms more !) and I’ll be on start for the womens races in Belgium next weekend.