Race-Weekend in Belgium, 26th-28th July 2013

Race-Weekend in Belgium, 26th-28th July 2013

After my bad crash in the race on Sunday, my back still hurt but the worst was that I didn’t feel at ease in the bunch. 


Friday in Bambrugge, I wasn’t able to defend my place in the bunch with the result that I was hanging behind when the good group went away after a few laps. In the bunch, girls wouldn’t calm down, fighting claws out for positions all race long instead of uniting forces to catch the flight group and race for the win instead of 9th place.

When  a thunderstorm started after two thirds of the distance and it began to rain heavily, I decided to get off my bike and keep my strength for the next two races.


Saturday in Lebbeke I felt better in the bunch, staying in front during the whole race aswell as trying to get away several times. I was hoping one my attacks would go through but unfortunately, the decision was made in a massive sprint with a very tricky crossing 200m before the line. In the juniors race there had been a huge crash at this point, so I took no risk and finished 22nd of around 80 riders on start.


Finally, I raced in Haaltert on Sunday together with my daughter. She had been working for three weeks in a bookshop, standing on her legs all day until Saturday evening, so she was very tired and the dangerous/stressful behaviour some riders show in the bunch made it very difficult for her to stay in good positions. Ultimately, she was dropped after 40km. The race counted for provincial championship and therefore it was very hard to get away, every attack beeing chased down immediately. Some narrow turns and narrow streets made the fight for positions hard all race long and when I realized there would be no escape I stayed in the second half of the bunch, keeping away from all those unneccessary fights. This proved to be an error seeing that in second last lap, Chantal Hoffmann from Sprinters Malderen made an attempt and no one in the bunch reacted as she was no danger for the championstitle and so she managed to keep a small advance to go for the win. The bunch was gone for a massive sprint and the last few km were so hectic that I preferred to keep out of it (again), my wounds from last week still reminding me how much a crash hurts.


All in all 260km of good training under race conditions and hopefully there will better days to come.