Race weekend in Belgium August 15th/16th/17th

Race weekend in Belgium August 15th/16th/17th

Sorry for the late post, but I was very busy since that weekend (preparing and riding Trophée d’Or) and furthermore there was no special comment to do.

Thursday in Puivelde I missed the good group and had a quiet training under race conditions in the bunch together with belgian champion Lisbeth de Vocht.


Friday in Haasdonk it was business as usual , I tried to be in front all the time ( didn’t want to miss the good group this time), but the race finished in a massive sprint where I could however place myself in the first part of the bunch, finishing 18th.


Thought these two races were enough, but my husband thought I could help my friend Martine next day in De Klinge, so I also started there knowing very well it would be a tough fight in the bunch and also against the wind. And so was it, and after a few laps some twenty girls were already off. My friend Martine was also amongst these riders, so i felt my job was done (as I hadn’t intended to do 3 races in a row). The fight in the wind and the quite long cobble passage made my back really ache, so I just let the bunch go after half race. Marc was not happy with that, but thinking of the race to come (Trophée d’Or) it was maybe a wise decision.

Photos later