Race in Wenduine (BEL), September 7th uly 2013

Race in Wenduine (BEL), September 7th uly 2013

Some kind of holiday feeling was floating in the race atmosphere near the sea in Wenduine. The organisation was really professional, beautiful with the historic bikes lead us through the first meters up to the circuit, which was perfectly securized by police and helpers. Congratulations to Fernand Fonteyne and his team for the great organization.

As for the lap, it was totally flat and exposed to a quite heavy wind with some tricky parts in the final. I didn’t really love it….. So the battle strategy was simply hanging on and hoping no one in front of you would leave a gap.

I tried to attack in the first lap,but it was too though to get away with the long part against the wind, so I was caught back quite soon. The race was fast all over the 96km and there were only two attacks that lasted longer : the first about half race with Lensy Debboudt, Latoya Brulee, Elise Delzenne and Kaat Hannes which could have gone to the end, but even for these strong riders the wind was a problem and with 4 laps to go, they were caught back. The second was Lieselot Decroix going for a prime at two laps from the end, she stayed in front until the preparation for sprint about 1km from the arrival.

The last kilometer was very dangerous  leading through the narrow streets of Wenduine with narrowings on both left and rightside… I didn’t want to crash before the cyclocross season, so I just went with the flow and finished 23rd avoiding the crash of Anja Nobus and a girl from Sengers in the last turn leading to the line.


Even if the result was not brilliant, we made the most of our visit at the « Kust » by having a nice dinner at the seaside: Mosselen en fritjes Wink at the nice Restaurant "Tête à tête"