Cyclo-Cross Dompierre (FRA), 11.11.13

Cyclo-Cross Dompierre (FRA), 11.11.13

One word: Nemesis.

This cyclo-cross doesn't like me. And I don't like it either. I think it is dangerous and stupid. It thinks that I'm a loser and stupid. I really tried to go there and do better than last year (where I quit because of my wheels and, let's face it, because I just did not in the slightest enjoy myself), trying not be biased by my experience.

The thing with the lap is that there are 3 steep slopes in the lap, down to the little pond. This year, it was even muddier than the year before and although I had a great start, things started to suck after the first lap. Each time I approached the slopes I was apprehensive, to be honest, I was scared. They are on the right hand side, the side I don't like slopes to be inclined in (because I don't like to have my right foot out of the pedal for some reason). 

In the first slope there was a bigger branch that had been lying there for the entier race (apparently, I didn't see it). I think it had my name written on it, in fact, I'm quite sure it had. In the fourth lap, I fell over it and got my foot stuck in my handlebars. Since I was lying in the slope I couldn't get up so I had to shake my foot until it came off (must have looked like an idiot). After that incident, I was so disgusted that I did one lap more and then, seeing that my head was elsewhere and one error was following another, I decided to quit.

My nemesis did strike again.