Cyclo-Cross Bruère-Allichamps (FRA), 16.11.13

Cyclo-Cross Bruère-Allichamps (FRA), 16.11.13

Second victory.

The lap here was kind of divided into three parts, a flat, faster part, a long uphill in a field and a technical part by the river (not overly technical though).

For the first time this year, I had to race with the Cadets for 30 minutes. We were two girls to take the start, the other girl being none other than first category rider Charlotte Bravard (in the 2014 Vienne-Futuroscope UCI team). She's a very strong road rider, so nothing seemed less certain than a victory. The weather was cold and the ground was hard at first, but it quickly turned muddier, especially in the field. We were only 8 riders on the start (the second manche of the Challenge National being the day after).

I had a very good start, getting into the field-section in third position. A cadet blocked me when passing the hurdles and some metres behind that, my chain got stuck. At first I thought nothing of it, but it wouldn't get loose and then I realized that it was wrapped around the crankset. Everyone had passed me by that moment, and I just couldn't get it undone. A guy ran up to me and after some more seconds of pulling, it finally got back loose. After the incident, my gears were completely messed up and changed on their own (I didn't know by that time, but my chain was torn beyond repair). I decided that I didn't want it to end like that and gave it all I could to get back to the others. One after another I passed the cadets, and I finally caught up with Charlotte. She missed a turn in front of me, her mistake allowed me to pass her and I attacked straight away in the technical part. I got up to 10-15" advantage and although she was a lot stronger in the less technical parts and came back, I managed to keep her at about 50 metres distance. I really gave it everything I had, I think I've rarely been harder on myself than during this race. I wanted to win, because I had been in front of her during almost the entier race and especially because I knew who Charlotte Bravard is. It was only her second cross apparently, and cyclo-cross doesn't seem to be her discipline, but it still feels great to win against such a strong rider. I also finished 4th in the cadet classification.

Josselin and Florian then took the start in the senior-junior race. Josselin kind of missed his start, while Florian had a rather good one. Josselin managed to get back to 5th position, even getting back to the 4th place, but the rider in front of him proved to be to strong so he finished 5th after a good race. 
Florian on the other hand had some trouble staying in the position he was after the start (6th) and lost some places, eventually finishing 14th out of 33 on the start.