Cyclo-Cross Commentry (FRA), 24.11.13

Cyclo-Cross Commentry (FRA), 24.11.13


Starting off, I have to say that it was freezing cold and just after the finish-line there was a 70m mudhole (mud as in "swallow your foot whole", not "it's just a bit slippery"). So, with that said, we started about 20 minutes late (it was already starting to get dark) and you couldn't even call it a "start", since they just let the first guys decide when to start. We were 5 girls to start all the way back with the juniors and we obviously never heard the start. So we found ourselves waaaay back behind everyone and after 100m a couple of guys (Josselin included) crashed in the muddy part. So we had to run (not that I ever managed to pass the thing on my bike during the race!) and I loathe running. But I didn't have that bad of a start and during most of the first lap, I ranked second girl behind Clémence Ondet. But Céline, being stronger than I am, caught me back and after a while I lost contact. Last year I most certainly did better on that race but it had been dry and the conditions are basically the same for everyone. So yeah, I fought myself to the finish-line, having lost 4 minutes on the girls. I finished 3rd girl and 10th overall in the junior category (16 on the arrival).

As for Josselin, as I said, he managed to fall after 100m along with some other guys. He fought himself back and finished at an honorable 10th place, 5 minutes behind the ridiculously talented winner and french champion Julian Alaphilippe, who dominated the race from start to finish. Florian finished 13th. 

For those who don't believe my "swallow the foot whole"-thing, please look at Josselins right foot on the picture. What did I tell you? 

Lastly, it was a huge joy for me to be in the same race as a lot of my friends here, Julian, my boyfriend Josselin, Florian, Jojo, Bryan and Theo. We had a blast even while freezing our butts off! Sadly, we didn't take any pictures together but the memories will stay with me. Merci beaucoup les gars! :)