Cyclo-Cross Cournon d'Auvergne (FRA), 08.12.13

Cyclo-Cross Cournon d'Auvergne (FRA), 08.12.13


Yep there was sand. Although it wasn't much, there was still enough that we had to jump off the bike at some point and run. And y'all know how much I despise running! I did manage to pass everytime while training without getting off my bike, for some weird reason I didn't once pass during the actual race... 

Anyway, we were supposed to be 8 girls, but we ended up only 6 and they made us take the start an hour later than we were supposed to (3pm instead of 2pm). But, to be fair, we got a women-only start, the men started 30 seconds earlier. I ranked 4th in the first turn, then got back to 3rd position. My goal was to stay in the wheels of Céline and Clémence as long as I possibly could. Then Clémences chain fell off and for a short time, I ranked second behind her sister. She came back and I lost contact, but caught up again in the sand part. Unfortunately, I fell after the turn in the sand (I thought that I could pass on the bike but failed miserably) and lost a lot of time. It made me lose contact to the sisters and brought the 4th girl almost back into my wheel. But I got away again, even doubling some male riders. Unfortunately, I never caught up to the Ondet sisters and finished third girl, with about 2-3.30 minutes backlog (I'm not sure about the time, it felt like a lot but I haven't seen any times, so I go with what I've been told).

Josselin had a rather mediocre start (can't judge, didn't really see it), and did most of the race on his own. He finished 8th out of 32. Florian had bad luck and got a puncher just before the last uphill to the finish line and had to run to the material post, which made him lose a lot of time and finished 19th.


Next weekend are the regional cyclo-cross championships here in Montluçon, where I won't be racing since I'm a foreigner. It will give me a break from racing (first weekend without a race since the beginning of the season in September), but I'll still be there, cheering for Josselin, Florian and all the others aswell as helping out where I can (it is their club which is organising the championships this year, so there is a lot to be done).