Cyclo-cross Surhuisterveen (NED), 02.01.14

Cyclo-cross Surhuisterveen (NED), 02.01.14

Crossing the finish-line without being lapped by Marianne Vos!

For the second time in a row, I managed not to get lapped by the elite racers. The lap in Surhuisterveen was hard in the sense that it was completely flat but there was a long running part in very deep (very black and funny smelling) mud, where running had more resemblance with stumbling than actual running.

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I was last to be called onto the starting grid, so I was blocked behind everyone when they gave the start, but I managed to pass some few riders in the first part of the lap. For 3 of the 5 laps total, I was even leading my mom and while she is a lot stronger than I am, I dealt better with the running parts and stayed with her when she passed me. We were the last girls not to be doubled by Marianne. While my mother could've done a lot better (even I could've come back to the two girls in front of us), we were still very happy because: 1. didn't get lapped 2. passed the finish-line together hand in hand

After having cleaned both the bikes and ourselves, we were off to the eternal city, Rome, where I'd take the start on my first world-cup ever. Good-bye mud and buongiorno sunshine (or so we thought...)!