Update on cyclo-cross season 2012/13

Update on cyclo-cross season 2012/13

A quick update to let those who care know that I won't be racing for the next two weekends.

No, I'm not sick or injured, this compulsory break has nothing to do with any of these. I don't want to critize anyone, I just want to explain why I can't race. This weekend, on Sunday, the regional championships take place everywhere in France. The rules of the french federation say that a foreign rider can't race. I understand that I can't race for a title, that's completely normal (I would've found it wrong if it was otherwise). But what seems a bit nonsensical to me is that I can't race at all. Why couldn't I take the start and just simply not be considered for the final classification? In Belgium, they have a scratch classification where everyone is taken into account, and then the regional championship classification, where only those eligible for the title get in. This isn't hard to do is it? I don't want any title, especially none that isn't worth much, I just want to race (races being a better form of training). I guess that's the downside of being a foreigner. Not critizing the people, critizing the rules.

The weekend of the 9th december, Josselin and Florian will be racing in Pontchâteau, the last "manche" of the "challenge national" (after the second in Besançon). Again, I'm a foreigner, and to race you either have to be french/in a french club or be invited by the host of the challenge. So no race for me yet again. This one would have been a much harder one, that's for sure and with only one bike probably pretty hard to do anyways, so I'm not especially sad that I won't be able to participate. But the biggest downside to this one is that I won't be able to be on a bike at all during 2 days. Pontchâteau is a 4hour drive from here, so we have to leave on Saturday, and noone will have the room to take my bike along. So this will be another holiday weekend for my Alan, which will be staying warm and cozy indoors and gather some dust.

So I won't be on the race radars for the next two weekends, but I'll be reporting from both races (I somehow love writing these reports, even if there aren't many people reading them) and I'll share some pictures. Stay tuned for those! 

My next races will be in Malintrat (FRA) 16th december, Desertines (FRA) 23rd december and finally the Superprestige in Diegem (BEL) the 30th of december (I won't do great, but just the vibe of big races like Diegem is a complete joy to any racer). After that, I don't know, I'll update on that later.