Championnat d'Auvergne & Manche Nationale Pontchâteau, 02.12 and 09.12.12

Championnat d'Auvergne & Manche Nationale Pontchâteau, 02.12 and 09.12.12

02.12.12: Ceyrat reloaded!

If you've already read my article about the cyclo-cross in Ceyrat, then know that it was pretty much the same (a lot of turns, nothing that resembles in any way a modern cyclo-cross). If you haven't read that article, I'd suggest you do so, because I don't want to repeat myself about cyclo-cross races on campings etc.

The only thing that I will say is that Florian finished 3rd while two of his club-mates took places 1 and 2.

Josselin was about as enthusiastic about this race than he'd be about an appointment at the dentist, so he finished way behind where he usually finishes...but really, who can blame him? After seeing half of the lap, I was happy I didn't have to race (so not cyclo-cross as it should be), really, I understand his lack of motivation. Especially since the cycling comity of the region Auvergne decided to not attribute a title to the espoirs category for the second year in a row (the other regions attribute a title to both the first senior racer and the first espoir...).

09.12.12: The lap looked like so much fun...

Ok, racing and watching are two completely different things, and it's easy to say that it looked like fun, if you haven't actually tried it. But I really wish that I could've raced. Even if I would have finished way back. Anyways, it was a very fast lap, which made the races even harder since the first racers of every category all went off like rockets on a loose! It wasn't hugely technical, but still enough, all in all very nice to watch and, even if it's never easy on the bike, probably even nicer to ride.

The downside is that even if it looks like a belgian race, the spirit isn't the same. On the passages that allow you to cross over the lap, people push more agressivly than in Belgium or the Netherlands. But what I really think is a shame, is that the spectators rarely to never give priority to the riders or their mechanics! Which means that those who shouldn't wait (riders especially, because hey, it's because of them that there even is a race right?) wait in line like idiots and get cold, while spectators push themselves through. You may say that's a detail but I, as a rider, think it's a shame. Even more because when you actually let the riders pass first like I did, other people always pushed themselves in between!

Anyway, returning to the results. Florian finished 82nd 5'38'' behind the winner while his club-mates took the 68th and 105th place.

Josselin finished at a good 62rd place, the other espoir that came along with us, always being in the same group as Josselin, finished 66th. Both were unfortunately taken out 2 laps before the end (told you that the first riders were rockets...).

So that's all I have to say about my two weekends spent as a spectator/photographer/reporter. Next weekend, I'll normally be racing in Malintrat (FRA).