Cyclo-Cross Désertines (FRA), 23.12.12

Cyclo-Cross Désertines (FRA), 23.12.12

Since the world did not end, we raced the 23rd of december 2012...

So, first impressions after 3 weekends without racing: My lungs burn like freaking hell and my legs feel like jell-o. But whatever, I did it, I raced, I finished, I don't care if I was way behind.

The circuit was really nice, there were just some terrible "stairs" to run up (and everyone knows that I hate running, it's a family trait!), which killed me a bit more each lap. Anyway, I finished 2nd female out of three, the winner was french cadettes champion two years ago and finished 3rd junior at the challenge national this year, so I couldn't really stand a chance (especially since I'm still dragging my sickness)...

Josselin did a good race and finished 6th, especially considering the fact that there were some pro riders on the start. Florian finished 7th Junior, suffering from the stairs and also from the relative heat (15 degrees in december is quite a record).

Next will be my doom....hahaha, no, I'm looking forward to race in Diegem this Sunday 30th december!

Have a look at the Homepage of Josselins and Florians club (organizer of the race) "Entente Cycliste Montmarault-Montluçon".