Bien-Assis Montluçon (FRA), 01.05.13

Bien-Assis Montluçon (FRA), 01.05.13

A nice birthday.

My parents came all the way from Luxembourg to celebrate my birthday...with a race (we did celebrate afterwards with friends at a local restaurant though). In the morning, the weather was crappy and we were starting to get a bit depressed because my mom has been sick since her last race and with the downpour outside, it would only get worse. But it started to clear up around noon, so we got ready and went to the race which is about 4 kilometers away from where I live. I had never done this race before and when I saw that rather painful looking uphill up to the finish-line, I wasn't quite sure what to think of it. 
I knew though that we had to do something as a team, especially since it was my birthday and the first time after more than 6 months that my nom and I would race together. 


I had briefed her on some of the other riders, and told her not to wait too long, rather than reacting, she should act. Which is what she did and only Céline Ondet could follow her. With her younger sister, we blocked and countered every attack and waited on them to double us. When they did, I had done too much and I couldn't follow, I was even on the verge of being dropped. I wouldn't let that happen, so I fought back but it was much too late to get back to my mothers group. I was angry at myself, I had let her down, she was alone with the two sisters and there was nothing I could do about it. So I attacked in one of the last laps during the uphill, to see who could follow. I managed to get away but I couldn't hold the attack and I let the bunch catch me back. I did see however that if I managed my effort cleverly, I could win the sprint of the bunch. So in the last lap, knowing that my mom didn't make it to first place because she didn't act fast enough and because of her bad cold, I waited patiently, still following all attacks, took the last turn into the uphill as fast as I could and gave it all I had left. And it played out as I wanted, no-one got back and I finished 5th, first of the bunch, with a few meters advantage on the next girl. First sprint I have ever won in my life I have to add.

I am disappointed because I wanted to belp my mom win this thing so bad, but it just wasn't meant to be (the race would have had a different outcome if mom hadn't been sick). But at the same time I'm happy to have finished like I did, happy that I had one of the most amazing birthdays in my 24 years of existence, happy that everyone was so awesome. I really appreciated every moment of that day. I'm a happy camper now.

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